DHIP Summer University 2018: Cooperation and self-government: Sociopolitical experiments in the 19th and 20th centuries

This year’s Summer University of the DHIP will take place between the 17th and 19th of September. Organized in cooperation with the Universities of Konstanz and Rouen-Normandie and with the support of the French-German University and the Centre Marc Bloch, it takes the 50th anniversary of 1968 as a starting point to question continuities and changes in sociopolitical experiments regarding cooperation and self-government throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. To give you a first taste of this event, you’ll find the programm below. It is possible to attend the summer university (please write event@dhi-paris.fr to register).

In the wake of the 1968 movement, many people tested alternative models of habitation, labour and living. In self-descriptions and research, these models have been characterised as movements away from the ‘coldness’ of capitalism towards the intimacy of a self-established and self-governed social collective (Reichardt, 2014). Regardless of clear differences in self-conception and historical contextualisation, similar views are also relevant for the early socialist production cooperatives and settlement projects that were realised after 1820 by the supporters of and dissenters from Robert Owen and Charles Fourier. (Kwaschik, 2017) These movements however created new spaces that not merely sought to isolate themselves from the external world, but also developed methods and techniques for creating patterns of self-modelling and self-management (Boltanski/Chiapello, 1999). The summer school interrogates ‘the real of utopia’ and explores as closely as possible the various modalities of this ‘life changing’ (Bantigny, 2018; Riot-Sarcey, 1999). The goal is to discuss the connections between diagnoses of the present, social experiments and social sciences in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, taking the 1968 movement as a starting point.


Monday, 17th September 2018

14:30 Welcome Address: Thomas Maissen (Deutsches Historisches Institut Paris)
Introductory Remarks: Anne Kwaschik, Sven Reichardt (Universität Konstanz)

15:00–18:00     Experimental Cultures in a Transnational Perspective
Chair: Sven Reichardt (Universität Konstanz)

Robert Kramm (University of Hong Kong):
Mobility and the Body in Early Twentieth Century Radical Utopian Communities

Anne-Sophie Reichert (University of Chicago):
Leben im Versuch: Experimental Culture in Germany’s First Garden City Hellerau (1910–1914)

Commentary: Damir Skenderovic (Universität Freiburg, Schweiz)

16:00–16:20     Coffee Break

Franz Fillafer (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien):
Global Villages: Communes as Nodes of Inter-Imperial Social Reform in the Nineteenth Century

Katharina Morawietz (Universität Freiburg, Schweiz):
Longo maï – une expérience collective, autogérée, transnationale (créée dans les années après ‘68)

Commentary: Detlef Siegfried (Københavns Universitet)


18:30 Public Lecture
Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey (Universität Bielefeld):
Critique de l’autorité: les mouvements de 68 en France et en Allemagne
Commentary: Ludivine Bantigny (université de Rouen Normandie)
Chair: Zoé Kergomard (Deutsches Historisches Institut Paris)

20:30 Buffet


Tuesday, 18th September 2018

9:30–13:00 Countercultures and Cooperative Practices
Chair: Jürgen Finger (Deutsches Historisches Institut Paris)

Hugo Patinaux (université de Rouen Normandie):
Pensées et pratiques alternatives dans l’autonomie politique

Onur Erdur (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin):
The Bio-Logic of Utopia: The Sociologist Edgar Morin and the Californian Experience

Commentary: Damir Skenderovic (Universität Freiburg, Schweiz)

10:30–11:00    Coffee Break

Tobias Bernet (Freie Universität Berlin):
Neoliberal Subjects or Post-Capitalist Collectives? Cooperative Housing and the Legacy of New Social Movements in Germany

Jake Smith (Colorado College):
Strangers in a Dead Land: Redemption and Renewal in the European Counterculture, 1949–2001

Commentary: Sven Reichardt (Universität Konstanz)


13:00–14:00  Lunch Break

14:00–17:20 Experiences of Self-Management
Chair: Anne Kwaschik (Universität Konstanz)

Jens Beckmann (Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung Potsdam):
Self-Management and External Expertise: The case of LIP in Besançon, 1973–1987

Jasper Klomp (Univerza v Ljubljani):
»Producer’s Democracy«? The Implementation of Workers’ Self-Management in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Commentary: Ludivine Bantigny
(université de Rouen Normandie)

15:00–15:20 Coffee Break

Nathan Crompton (Simon Fraser University):
Feminist Autogestion in France: Gender and Self-Management, 1971–1979

Emeline Fourment (Sciences Po, Paris/Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin):
Making Violence against Women Political: The Feminist Alternative Justice’s Debates within the Autonomen Movement

Commentary: Detlef Siegfried (Københavns Universitet)


20:00 Dinner (Participants only)


Wednesday, 19th September

09:30–11:00 Self-Description and Knowledge Production

Chair: Damir Skenderovic (Universität Freiburg, Schweiz)

Martin Herrnstadt (Tel Aviv University):
Deviant Knowledge and the Struggle for Self-Description: Socio-Political Laboratories in France 1830–1848

Silja Behre (Tel Aviv University):
The Anti-Scientific Science: The Emergence of Oral History as a Strategy within the Academic Field after 1968

Commentary: Anne Kwaschik (Universität Konstanz)


11:00–11:30 Coffee Break

11:30–12:30 Concluding Roundtable on Cooperation and Self-Government
Ludivine Bantigny, Anne Kwaschik, Sven Reichardt, Detlef Siegfried, Damir Skenderovic
Chair: Zoé Kergomard

12:30 Lunch Break

15:00 Cultural Program: Exhibition »Voices of Contestation«, National Archives, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine.

Abbildung: Plan d’un Phalanstère ou Palais habité par une phalange industrielle. Gravure publiée dans Le Nouveau Monde industriel et sociétaire…, deuxième édition, Paris, À la Librairie sociétaire, 1845. Familistère de Guise, bibliothèque, https://www.familistere.com/fr/decouvrir/une-architecture-au-service-du-peuple/phalanstere-familistere-et-cites-ouvrieres.

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